My dear friend Paris

Dr. King, Love, and Nonviolence

It seems appropriate that on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, I was reflecting on love and nonviolence.  Dr. King did, after all, reshape an entire country nonviolently because of his love for his fellow human beings and the tragedy of segregation that separated us and limited our ability to fully love one another as people.…

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Lactation Rooms – Your Right

Here is a link to a fantastic post from Mamas at Work.  Cynthia worked hard to research these letters for a friend of hers who was struggling with finding a place to pump at work.  The letters included here are fantastic and could help any mom who needs help talking to her employer about finding…

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Meeting with Prolacta Executives Happening Right Now!

At the time this post publishes, I will be sitting down with Scott Elster, Prolacta CEO, and Susan Neumann, Prolacta VP of Milk Procurement to talk to them about what caused me to write Prolacta, For-Profit Milk Banks, and Predatory PR Tactics, an article detailing my encounter with a Prolacta public relations representative. I am…

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Wild and Wonderful Toddler Nursing

I finally have to admit to myself that Katie is a toddler.  She’s walking, starting to talk, getting more and more active, and starting to lose her baby rolls and chub.  I’ve been mourning this quite a bit.  She is my last baby, and while it’s amazing to see her grow, I have a lot…

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Stop it Enfamil. Right Now.

Recently, a friend of mine forwarded me an email she received from Enfamil.  Now let me be clear: This friend is a breastfeeding mom.  She’s never purchased formula.  She’s never signed up to receive emails from formula companies.  She’s never received any emails before now. Here’s what appeared in her inbox: There is so much…

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Chronic Plugged Ducts and How I’m Fighting Them

I think it’s finally time to admit to myself that I’m having an issue with plugged ducts. A plugged duct is when one of the milk ducts becomes blocked and milk can’t exit the breast.  A hard, painful lump can form as the milk backs up.  If the milk isn’t removed, a plug has the…

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