Apple Cider Winter Fondue

What is better than having fondue on a cold winter evening.  It’s sort thematic or something isn’t it?  Snow, skiing, the Alps, and so forth.  Yodeling. Okay, there are no Alps here in the Midwest, and I didn’t plan far enough ahead to rent a pair of cross country skis for neighborhood transportation during the…

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Packing My Lunch

I’ve been analyzing our family’s finances lately.  Gosh, doesn’t that sound fancy!  At any rate, I got curious about how our food budget plays out over the course of a month, and as it turns out, we spend way too much money eating out. Mostly, this is because my husband and I grew accustomed to eating…

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Lactation Muffins-Snacks

I’ve had the fortune (misfortune?) to join Pinterest recently, which explains why so many of my posts have been delayed.  I just can’t tear myself away from it!  I’m getting some great ideas, though, and one of them was the idea for these Lactation Muffin-Snacks. A friend of mine recently pinned a link to this…

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