My Love Hate Relationship with Blog Photos

Confession time:

There is nothing I love more than looking at blogs with beautiful pictures.  And on Pinterest.  Oh, the food porn on Pinterest.  It just kills me.

But adding photos to my own blog is like pulling teeth.  It’s excruciating.

I’m a horrible photographer.

I mean, I guess I could take mediocre photos and Instagram them out and make them fuzzy and sepia and vintage-y.  But I have friends who are real photographers, and you can tell the difference.  No amount of warmify can change a bad picture.

I think my real issue is that I’m just shy.  Words I can do, but pictures just never seem to fully make the leap from brain to camera to screen.  I see all these gorgeous pictures and think, “What’s the point?  Mine will never look that good.”

You know what that is?

A cop out.

So, like with many things, maybe I just need to give it a try more often.

Also, I should probably stop looking at so much food photography.

Well, this has been cathartic.

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3 thoughts on “My Love Hate Relationship with Blog Photos”

  1. Using photos is tons of fun! Mine don’t come out well either (I’m a point-and-click kind of photographer), but I think they add something to posts, and they’re lots of fun to use. Good luck with it!

  2. I just posted a bunch of non-perfect photos on FB — partly due to this post. I asked for and was lucky enough to receive a great camera for Xmas last year and I FINALLY used it last month. The photos aren’t perfect but I’ve got to start somewhere.

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