Evenflo Ad Campaign Wrap-Up

It was a busy week last week with the Evenflo kerfuffle.  For those who missed it, here’s a quick run-down of what happened last week:

Evenflo took down their video later on Tuesday, and made the following statement:

Hmm…  Still not an apology.

For those who didn’t see the ad before Evenflo took it down, PhD in Parenting posted a blow-by-blow of what happened in the video.

On Thursday Bettina from Best for Babes held a call with Evenflo to discuss the issue, and EvenfloBaby issued an apology on their Facebook page:

We had a productive call today with Danielle and Bettina at Best for Babes Foundation, an advocacy organization. We have taken all your feedback to heart and realize we completely missed the mark with our video. We are truly sorry to have created such bad feelings within the community; that was never our intent. We will work with the breastfeeding community to ensure that the messaging in our next advertising campaign remains positive and supportive. Stay tuned!

(Check out PhD in Parenting’s summary here: Evenflo Update)

On the one hand, I think it’s positive that they took the time to actually speak directly to Best for Babes and discuss the issue.  I also think it’s positive that they have issued a genuine apology and admitted that they were so off-base with their marketing campaign.  I think it’s good that they have promised to work with the breastfeeding community next time they put out a campaign.

On the other hand…

It sounds trite to say, “But that’s not enough!”  It seems cliché to say, “Talk is cheap!”  But at this point, all we have are words.  Words from a company who continues to undermine breastfeeding moms by not adhering to the WHO Code.

So what do I want from Evenflo?

I think this apology and promise is a positive first step from Evenflo, but what I would like to see is for them to continue the forward motion and once again become compliant with the WHO Code.

Breastfeeding moms don’t need to be undermined by bottle companies and formula manufacturers with the promotion of breastfeeding myths disguised as support.  You know who does deserve support though?  Bottle-feeding and formula-feeding moms.  Instead of targeting breastfeeding moms with “support,” how about big companies like Evenflo actually reach out to their true audience and support them.  Instead of being a force for negativity, these companies need to start providing positive support.  Market to the people who will buy your products. 

Tell the mom who feeds formula why you believe your bottles will help her baby have less gas and why they really will be easier than others to prepare in the night.  Tell the mom who already pumps why your pumps are superior to others on the market.

Just please stop talking about breastfeeding as if you have any place there.  Your place is not between a mom’s breast and her baby, so respectfully, please butt out of that relationship.

Thankfully, we’ve got folks like PhD in Parenting and Best for Babes fighting for us.  A huge thank you to them for all that they do.

2 thoughts on “Evenflo Ad Campaign Wrap-Up

  1. “Just please stop talking about breastfeeding as if you have any place there. Your place is not between a mom’s breast and her baby, so respectfully, please butt out of that relationship.”

    I completely, 100% agree. It comes down choices, and no one has the right to say one way is better than the other. The whole “breast is best” campaign is disrespectful to those of us who had no choice but to choose bottle feeding – AND it assumes that formula and bottles are inferior to a breast. They’re BOTH good for babies. Moms can choose either one and that choice is no one else’s business.

    • I also dislike the “Breast is Best” campaign, although not for the reasons you mention. Breastmilk and formula are not equal. The science bears this out. We need to be honest about this. It’s not about guilt or judgement. It’s not about the “Mommy Wars.” It’s about accuracy and transparency. It’s about science.

      Parents who feed their babies formula for whatever reason deserve to be able to feed their babies the very best that science can supply to them. Instead of spending money undermining breastfeeding women, fomula companies should spend those billions of dollars on research and development to improve formula for those babies that need it.

      Instead of creating “breastfeeding support” websites stocked with misinformation and so-called breastfeeding helplines staffed by formula company employees, formula and bottle companies should provide formula-feeding support websites and hotlines. Formula-feeding parents deserve the very best information just like breastfeeding moms do. Formula companies need to start showing respect to its existing companies through more aggressive research and support for existing customers who may truly need help.

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