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My Hyperemesis Gravidarum Protocol

This was originally posted November 3, 2010 as a detailed plan for how I intended to tackle my second round of hyperemesis gravidarum. I developed this plan with the assistance of my physician prior to becoming pregnant, and I published it here so that other women facing HG could use it as an example in developing their own plans. Please feel free to print this and take it in to your doctor and use it as a jumping off point to aid in discussions surrounding your HG treatment.

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Thoughts on Ferguson

Whatever the jury’s decision, the feelings of the people of Ferguson are very real. There are a few individuals who seem bound and determined to take any opportunity they can to sow chaos, and I find it sad that so many seem to think that this is a reflection on Ferguson and on African Americans…

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Something Strange is About to Happen

Something strange is about to happen, my friends.  I started this blog after leaving my old one, Knocked Up-Knocked Over.  I wanted to try something knew, to see if a new voice would reinvigorate my blogging spirits.  Well, it certainly did, and I met all of you wonderful people! But I also discovered something: My…

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Books in her Voice

When my daughter reads, I wonder what she hears. When I read, I used to hear the words in my head as if I was speaking with the voices of the characters, as if they were telling the story to me in my own voice.  I would carefully pronounce strange names in my mind and…

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Eyeballing a Recipe + A Holiday Side Dish

Over the last few years, I’ve grown confident enough that I tend to use recipes more as guidelines than instruction sheets.  I use my eyeballs  and hands to measure more often than I use my measuring spoons and cups.  There are a few exceptions to this rule.  I still use measuring cups when I cook…

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It’s not just a shirt when you’re the one talking to the press.

Yesterday, we landed a spaceship on a comet.  This is an incredible achievement.  I am inspired, overjoyed and practically giddy with excitement.  There are so many incredible things we can learn from comets about the origins of life on earth.  It is an unparalleled achievement. And it’s so disappointing as well.  You see, Matt Taylor, one…

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