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Goodbyes and See You Laters

I don’t like saying goodbye. Endings are sad.  I have had a lot of endings this summer it seems. But just like the year turns, endings make room for new beginnings. Why am I so morose? I am going to be saying goodbye to this blog. Since hearing the news about Kate Middleton’s new pregnancy,…

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Facebook Reentry

It’s been the entire month of June since I’ve been on Facebook. The break has been good in some ways and not so good in other ways. Being away from Facebook has given me much more time to dive into some of my real passions and hobbies. This blog for example. I’ve been having more…

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Brick by Brick by Brick

No, I’m not building anything. Although, it seems like I could. I’m trying to learn to bake whole wheat breads.  I’ve tried what seems like countless recipes.  And it’s not that I just stink at making bread.  Oh, no.  I’m pretty confident in saying that my white breads are pretty phenomenal. I just really want…

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My broth, bubbling away. So colorful and pretty in the pot!

Trying My Hand at Chicken Broth

I’m trying to eat better.  I’ve had quite a few stomach issues following the hyperemesis.  Things ranging from psychological to physiological. So earlier this week, I decided, once and for all, to finally make a proper pot of chicken broth. My past attempts to make good broth have been… not so great.  In the past, I’ve…

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Feeling Defeated in the Garden

The squirrels, caterpillars, birds, and rabbits are beginning to win. Back in March, I wrote about the squirrels digging in the garden.  Since that post, I’ve tried a number of methods to drive them away: plastic owls, brightly colored pinwheels, repellent powder, and little bags of coyote urine crystals. I’ve had the best luck with…

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Lost Times, Lost Places

There are some places from my past that are crystallized in my memory. When I was a little girl, my mother used to take me to a place called Full Circle Farm.  It was a small family sheep farm, nestled in the Cascade Mountains of Washington.  Bill and Phyllis were dear, dear family friends.  They ran…

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Detoxing from Facebook, Day 6

I’ve noticed when people in the past have left Facebook or taken time off, and it’s always left me with a strange feeling.  With the exception of my HG friend, I’ve noticed that the leaving of facebook often goes along with statements about superficiality and “real” friendships and “authentic” communication, and that has always sat…

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